Judith Alexander 


Judith Alexander was born in the North East of England and gained her early foundations as an actor in theatre.  She is also a trained dancer.

She  has been cast in a number of roles in both film and television, including playing 'R Mam' in Channel 4's hugely successful "Britain's got the pop factor" with Peter Kay and most recently as Steven Berkoff's wife in the thriller, "Long Time Coming", the latest feature film from award winning director Steve Nesbit.

She is also the voice behind a number of radio links and jingles and was recently cast in a video game voice over through Pinewood studios.

Later this year, the horror feature Bloodlust, featuring Judith Alexander as The Secretary, will be available on DVD through Amazon.com in the UK after already having been released in Australia.

Judith continues to be busy with commercial and advertising work, most recently as one of the new faces of Lloyds pharmacy.

With a natural talent for  a wide variety of accents, she is available with or without her native Geordie and is as happy in a gritty dramatic role as she is in one which uses her natural sense of humour and comedy skills.